Boogie Effects – Get your dancing shoes on…..

Boogie Effects take over our Blog: Founded and created here in Scotland by ex-dancers Frances and Yvonne. This is an exhilarating Dance Fitness workout that brings together all the heart pumping fun of BOOGIE with the strength & conditioning EFFECTS of dance/ballet inspired technique.  This uplifting and powerful blend creates long, lean, healthy bodies with a strong focus on muscle connection, posture development and body awareness.

We aim to create a fun and lively class with amazing tunes from all eras. You’ll just want to get your dancing shoes on!  We balance that with a focused and powerful conditioning section. That teaches you to truly connect with the body and strengthen from deep within.  And we finish it all with a wonderful restoring stretch, leaving you feeling balanced and recovered.

Dance has the ability to improve & inspire body, mind and soul.  At BOOGIE EFFECT we believe in healthy body, healthy mind in equal measure.  We believe fitness isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about creating joy and social bonding that benefits the whole body.”

Our moto… danceFIT danceSTRONG danceHAPPY!

Thanks Frances – We can’t wait to have you and your team there taking one of our Blast Sessions. See you at Sweat It! 19 May.

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