What’s On Sweat It Festival 2018

Spin, squat, stretch and sweat your way to a new personal best at Sweat It Festival on 20 May 2018. Find out what’s on at Scotland’s boutique health and fitness event, packed with inspiring master trainers, sweat-dripping fitness classes and much more.

Sweat It Festival 2018 in Glasgow is your ticket to as many spin, yoga and Cross Fit classes as your body can handle.

Live DJs will lay down a playlist to support your personal fitness goals. Focus on wellbeing with chill out tunes in the yoga studio or feel the big beats in our spin unlimited classes.

Check out the sessions and schedule at Sweat It Festival 2018.

Find out What’s On at Sweat It Festival 2018 below and book your tickets for the health and wellbeing event of the year.

The Yard

Sweat It Festival’s outdoor zone The Yard at SWG3 will be packed full of free activities from the Climbing Wall, Assault Course Action, Aerial Acrobatics and Parkour to put you through your paces.  The Yards full programme of activites will be launched in early April.

British Military Fitness

British Military Fitness run fun outdoor workout that gets results? British Military Fitness (BMF) run classes across Scotland and have classes to suit all abilities – from those who haven’t workout out since school through to those training for challenges and events. Beginner classes are available at every session, so come along for a free trial and see for yourself why BMF are the leaders in outdoor fitness.  BMF will run 40 minute bodyweight sessions using Kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls etc.

Full Schedule.

Parkour Generations Glasgow

Parkour is physical and mental development to attain a form of self-mastery. This is achieved through learning to understand your own movement and by applying it to obstacles, challenges and tasks in a variety of environments. Bookable outdoor Parkour Workshops 45 mins 16 spaces each sessions.

Parkour Generations Glasgow

Full Schedule.

Pack Animal Fitness

Pack Animal Fitness understands that no two bodies are the same, and creates tailor-made programs for each of his clients. He has a track record in providing fantastic results in mobility, muscle tone, body fat loss and cardiovascular fitness. Pack Animal Fitness are bringing ZUU & Ankorr classes in Festival.  ZUU is low impact, injury prevention training that can be performed slow for mobility or fast for high intensity.


Full Schedule.

The Studio

Keep the body guessing with high intensity free bookable sessions at Sweat It Festival 2018. We have spin, boxing, HITT and so much more in our mass class area.

Get the sweat dripping as our live DJs lay down big tracks and master trainers motivate you to push it to the next level.

We have a host of great fitness providers running 30 minutes blast sessions in the Studio, music pumping, lights down low and the sweat dripping!

We have spin, strengthening and Conditioning, boxing, Fatburn Extreme, Aerobics and hoopnotize.

Check out the sessions and schedule at Sweat It Festival 2018.

The Galvanizers

This great space will be jammed packed with activities from aerial workshops to boxing sessions.

The sessions in the Galvanisers will be a mixture of drop in sessions, workshops and bookable classes.

We have some amazing collaborators!

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Balance body and mind in the Yoga Den

Connect body and mind in our dedicated Yoga Den with a range of yoga styles. Sweat It Festival 2018 as our yogis guide you towards improved physical and mental wellbeing. We have some amazing pratitioners from in and around Glasgow, Kali Collective, Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow and Shanti Yoga Glasgow.

Chill out tracks will help achieve balance between mind and body. Leaving you free to master your downward dog, warrior and triangle poses.

Take a look at the yoga classes and schedule for Sweat It Festival 2018.

Live food demos at Sweat It Festival

Be inspired to set new fitness goals for 2018 with live food demos and talks at Sweat It Festival. Get up to speed on the best ways to fuel your body to achieve your health and wellbeing objectives.

Click for live food demo listings and schedule at Sweat It Festival 2018!

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