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There is a fab line up of live cooking demonstrations. Be inspired to set new fitness goals for 2018 with the demos and talks at Sweat It Festival.

A great Team of experts are on hand to showcase and give you some tips and tricks, to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. You can book into the sessions in advance and booking information will be live on the website soon. Each Expert will run a 30 minute session with something for everyone on nutrition, healthy eating and cooking skills and ideas on tasty treats.

Get planning your day! Sessions Times:

Full details of whats on the menus will be up soon.

Session Start Finish Dishes Who
1 1130 1200 King Prawn Thai Curry and Rice Noodles Simply Simon
2 1230 1300 Greek Style Omelet Mediterranean Dietitian
3 1330 1400 How to make Sushi at home Guy’s for All Seasons
4 1430 1500 Chefarella
5 1530 1600 Creamy Almond Smoothie & Peanut Energy Balls Stellar Health
6 1630 1700 AVO AVO
7 1730 1800 Paleo Protein Balls Paleo Lifestyle
8 1830 1900 Turkey and Green Bean Stir fry Your Health Angel





Chef. Absolutely no relation of Cinderella. Specifically, clean food concoctionist on a    crusade to improve the health and happiness of those around me, with food as my vehicle.

I graduated from the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine in 2009, and spent the following five years playing an extreme game of mental tug of war between what constitutes ‘healthy’ food, and delicious food.



AVO AVO is the first Avocado restaurant in Scotland based in Finneston, Glasgow!

Our all-day menu includes breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner – you can also pop in for a to-go option or order via Uber Eats or Deliveroo. From our Avo Superfood Salad, Avo Biatta to our famous Avo Burgers and Avo Cheesecake, we have dish for everyone including flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and pescitarians. We have also have organic coffee and delicious protein smoothies. We also welcome group bookings, party nights and client meetings.


Stellar Health

Mary Cotter is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and founder of Stellar Health. Passionate about real food, she shows you how to cut through the jargon and get results. Improved energy, digestion, mood, balanced hormones and a healthier weight are just some of the benefits of simply eating better.

Mary will guide, encourage and support you: showing you how to achieve your health goals in realistic stages. You benefit from personalised dietary advice, lifestyle changes, and supplement recommendations (clinical tests are also available).

Contact Mary to find out more: your stomach, skin, hormones and mood will thank you for it.

Join Mary for a stellar food demo: see just how fun, sexy and vibrant nutritious food really is!

Stellar Health

The Mediterranean Dietitian

Dr Katerina Vasilaki is a registered dietitian and clinical nutritionist with a PhD from University of Glasgow. Her specialty subjects include weight management, IBS and the Mediterranean diet and she has experience working in the NHS, the private sector and in clinical research.

Born and raised on the Greek island of Corfu, Katerina is passionate about the Mediterranean Diet and way of life. She moved to Glasgow in 2006, and in 2015 she decided to set up The Mediterranean Dietitian, a website/blog that offers nutritional information, and healthy recipes based around the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

Katerina also runs a nutrition clinic at the “Glasgow Medical Rooms” on St Vincent Street in Glasgow city centre. Her clients are often busy professionals that have not prioritised their health for a long time and need the support from a dedicated health practitioner to get them back on track.


Simply Simon

Simply Simon is all about enjoying one of the most fundamental aspects of life … Eating! Simon has been a chef the past 20 years and after feeding professional athletes in his capacity as an executive chef in one of Glasgows 4 star hotels he noticed there is a common misconception of healthy food not tasting great.

“I started Simply Simon to show that using good quality ingredients and some of my culinary knowledge, together we can make some amazing tasting food that just happens to be healthy.”

Simon offers some great packages and will come out to your home and work beside you to teach you the skills knowledge of how to prepare tasty healthy food.


Paleo Lifestyle

Paleo Lifestyle is founded by Gabriela Nicol who is an accredited Paleo Nutritionist. With a BSc in Anatomy, Gabriela is a health enthusiast who believes Nutrition determines a person’s health and longevity. Gabriela has followed the Paleo Lifestyle herself for over 3 years and believes leading by example is fundamental to providing an expert Nutritional advice, which she does in the form of consultations (in person or online), diet plans, healthy recipes, as well as Paleo, Vegan and Diabetic cakes and desserts catering in the Glasgow Area!

About my cake business:

Offering Low Carb Paleo, Vegan, Diabetic cakes and desserts delivered in the Glasgow Area. All our cakes and desserts are sugar free, gluten free, grain free/flourless, dairy free, preservative free, and artificial ingredient free.

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