Unlimited yoga classes

Improve your physical and mental wellbeing with themed yoga classes on 20 May 2018. Throughout the day our yogis will guide you through a range of sessions, specially chosen for Sweat It Festival 2018.

Full details of our unlimited yoga classes, yogis and schedule will be announced in March 2018.

You will have a choice of six hour long sessions to choose from and a variety of yoga Styles.

Vinyasa Flow – A dynamic flowing style offering a good workout.

Ashtanga – A fluid sequence of postures synchronising breath with movement.

Yin Yoga – Transform the way your body moves with Yin Yoga.

Thai Massage Training Scotland 

Thai Massage Scotland will be taking a class in the Yoga Den an Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage Workshop.

Thai Massage Training Scotland offers a unique opportunity to train for a diploma in authentic Thai Yoga Massage in Glasgow, taught by trained teachers who apprenticed with masters from the temples of Northern Thailand. Upon successful completion of the course you will be competent to give professional level Thai yoga massage and you will be able to secure professional insurance to practise.

The Kali Collective

The Kali Collective Yoga Studio was created in 2015 from a place of passion, curiosity and love. The space is a physical expression of the community’s desire for a place to grow, expand and transform. We believe in providing a safe environment where everyone is welcomed, nourished and supported on the path towards empowerment and transformation.

The Kali Collective is maintained and elevated forward by a group of passionate and loving people who believe in the power and tradition of yoga.

Shanti Yoga

Sasha is the founder of Shanti Yoga Glasgow. It is one of Glasgow’s most vibrant Yoga studios offering Vinyasa, Forrest Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Sasha has traveled the world since a young age. Her passion for traveling is fuelled by a strong desire for new experiences. Not just in traveling and see other cultures but also within her Yoga practice and teaching style.

Sasha also completed 19 days and 130 hours of Dynamic Yoga with Godfrey Devereux on his WindFire Depth Intensive course in France. Sasha has attended workshops with Michael Gannon & Noah Maze and she completed a 40 hr Ashtanga immersion with David Swenson in London. In addition to all of this, Sasha in 2016, completed 200 hours with Shiva Rea and is currently finishing off paperwork for her certification as a Prana Flow teacher. Sasha is currently halfway through her 300 hour TT with Shiva and considers Shiva to be her primary and most influential teacher at this point in her development.

In 2014 Sasha trained with the Prison Phoneix Trust in Oxford for 1 week. This course covered taking Yoga into prisons and working with prisoners, addicts and sex offenders. Sasha has a huge interest in the healing benefits of Yoga to those struggling with stress, addiction and mental illness and is also a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher and a YA Yoga Teacher Trainer.

Shanti Yoga

Sasha & Shanti Yoga’s studio is insured by Yoga Alliance.

Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow

Ashtanga is a dynamic style of yoga following the method set out by Sri K Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. It is characterised by very slow, deliberate ‘breathing with sound’ through the nose , to which every move is synchronised. When learnt properly the movements flow seamlessly from one to another in tune with the breath, unfolding like a choreographed dance.

The precise coordination of the breath with increasingly challenging postures creates a deep internal heat which purifies and strengthens the body. The concentration required creates incredible focus and quietens the mmd, resulting in a feeling of peace and calm.

Cathy has been practising ashtanga yoga for almost 20 years and has been teaching for 9. Between 2008 and 2016 she made yearly extended trips to the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Institute in Mysore to learn at ‘The Source’ She is currently the only teacher in Glasgow and only one of five in Scotland to be officially authorised to teach the Ashtanga yoga system.

Cathy and Gem co- run ‘Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow’ a small studio in The Hidden Lane in Finnieston. They specialise in tradtional ashtanga and yin yoga, offering a constant programme of ongoing classes as well as regular workshops and events.
The emphasis is on quality teaching and small classes to enable a lot of individual care and attention.

Yin Yoga

Will be brought to you by Gem Maryan who is a freelance yoga teacher, teaching yoga since early 2012 and practicing since 2006. She comes from a movement background.  Who is passionate about teaching people how to move their bodies to help aid in bringing the body, mind and spirit back to optimum health and vitality.

You will be in for a treat if you have not yet had the opportunity to experience Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is a soft and passive practice that focuses on finding depth with the breath. It allows you to become focused on your body and mind whilst increasing your bodies range of flexibility and joint mobility. It is suitable for all levels and is enjoyed by all levels of students and works to release the tensions held in the deeper connective tissues of the body; the joints, ligaments and fascia.

I hope you can join me for a a truly transformative and unique experience of yoga. Learning to understand your body and yourself in a whole new way.

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